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Typical woods offered: Maple, Poplar, Western Red Cedar, Red Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, Walnut, Redwood and holly (holly only for blocks and end-caps). Jim will sometimes have various exotic woods on hand suitable for flutes or for endcaps and blocks. Call or email to find out what woods are available. If you desire a specific wood or have a question about wood combinations, please inquire.

  • Journey Flute in the key of bass A (1.5" bore) - only made with Eastern Red Cedar, $275
  • Key of mid-range E (1" bore) - good when constructed with the various cedar woods or poplar.
  • Keys of mid-range F, F#, G, G# and A (3/4" bore) - good when constructed with any of the woods offered.
  • Keys of high-range A#, B, C, C#, D (9/16" bore) - also good when constructed with any of the woods offered.
  • Cedar Drones are occasionally available in the keys of mid-range F, F#, G and G# - ask for availability.
  • 1.5" bored flutes - $275
    1" bored flutes - $180 to $200
    3/4" bored flutes - $170 to $180
    9/16" bored flutes - ?
    Drones - ? ($250)
  • No extra charge for end-caps (foot and mouthpiece).
  • Special request carved blocks and fetishes, $25 to $50 depending on the difficulty of the carving and the wood desired.
  • Woodland twist-tie wraps available, $25 per pair.
  • Deer antler buttons available for block ties - $10.
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