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Hi Jim,

Flute received today. It is one of the best I have ever gotten from anyone. You do not have to bow to anyone with what you do. You have your own attractive style which I would think is in much demand. I feel it an honor to have such a fine flute filled with the spirit of an excellent craftsman.  Thank you for all you do. And your humor is a gift to us all.

Good luck to you.
Little Mountain Burning

Hi Jim,

Thank you for all your help in finding the latest member of my ' flute' family. I had many doubts about buying a flute through the internet but the combination of your clear photos, detailed descriptions and most of all being able to hear several 'candidates' over the phone made the process informative and enjoyable. The flute, a walnut in F, has a warm and full voice with an even balance of reediness and depth. Played loud or soft the notes are in tune and awake which has offered a whole new vocabulary of sound to learn from. Melodies sound fresh and soft ~ exactly what I was looking for. The finish is smooth and natural with all the grey and brown tones coming through and the fetish and dressing match perfectly. Your craftsmanship and personal touch are evident in every feature of its construction. Thanks once more for bringing me together with this spirit instrument.

Hope this isn't 'Too Much' ~ but this is the truth of my experience with you and my impression of your flute.

Hope this finds you well and in good spirits,
Prentiss (Nagano, Japan. Spring '06)

Hi Jim!

I can't thank you enough for the beautiful flute. It got here today, safe and sound, and I've already been serenading the kids with it. Jim, the sound is so pure and beautiful, and I'm in awe of the wood itself. Your workmanship is outstanding! I can't wait to show it off to flute friends (as well as anybody else who is dumb enough to stand there). Thanks again, Jim. I hope that your business takes off and many people are given the opportunity to see and hear your work. I'll certainly tell everyone I know about you. Your flutes rank right up there with my very best custom flutes. I'd pit her against them any day.

Blessings, Pam
P.S. I love the antler buttons. You were right - they make her sparkle. : )

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